for newly arrived medical doctors in rehabilitation

As part of the research project, an offering was developed to support newly arrived migrant medical doctors. It brings together colleagues who are new to rehabilitation or new to Germany (“peers”) and experienced migrant colleagues (“peer supporters”). Peer supporters are usually not working in the same clinic, so contact is made via phone, Skype or email. The peer supporters are available for their peers for half an hour to one hour per week, over three months. The contents of the conversations are confidential. Peer supporters can help with their experiences when it comes to questions such as:

General life in Germany

  • Formal questions (forms and offices regarding limited residence or work permits, registration with the police)
  • Renting flats
  • Insurance
  • Car and driver’s licence
  • German courses
  • Mobile phone contract
  • Bank account
  • Child care

Working in German hospitals/rehabilitation clinics

  • How does the German health care system work?
  • How does rehabilitation work?
  • What is my role as a medical doctor in rehabilitation?
  • How does the cooperation in the rehabilitation team work?
  • How is the relationship with the rehabilitants?

Peer supporters have personal experience of integration in Germany and in rehabilitation; however, they are not experts on special topics such as residence law, recognition, social law, etc. For these questions, they can refer their peers to appropriate agencies. To evaluate the offering, peer supporters and peers will be contacted by the researchers from Alice Salomon University of Applies Sciences after the three months and asked about their experiences with peer support. To do this, they will receive a questionnaire and a declaration of consent in advance. The programme was launched in April 2020.

For more information about the programme, please contact