Arbeiten als Ärztin oder Arzt in einer deutschen Rehabilitationsklinik

What promotes and what hinders the integration of migrant medical doctors into the German health care system? The rehabilitation institution presents very specific challenges as a place for labour migration.

For this reason, we are developing a range of approaches in a participatory manner with the rehabilitation team (therapists, medical doctors, nursing staff, administration, etc.) in order to facilitate the induction period and the recruitment phase.

When you come to Germany, you should first start working in a rehabilitation clinic or in an outpatient practice. It is a good way to improve the language, not as hectic as in an acute clinic, you have more time. …
i recommend coming to work on time. That is quite important in Germany. There are some doctors here who are always late and thereby cause a lot of tension with the nurses.

Yusuf Rifani*, 36, assistant doctor from Syria
The most important thing is to have courage and patience and sometimes fight. Especially the first few months are always difficult, no matter what you do. Personally, I only got more comfortable after three or four years and wasn’t afraid to talk to people anymore. In rehabilitation good communication skills are particularly central.

Marius Olariu, 41, senior physician from Romania
You should not be afraid to ask questions and accept help; in Germany that is not embarrassing. I learned quickly that nobody expects you to know everything which is great. Everybody knows that you are a beginner and that you have to learn everything.

Anastasia Pashina, 29, assistant doctor from Russia

The aim of this website is to act as a mediator between the rehabilitation clinics and the medical doctors who are interested in a job there or who have already started one.

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